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Frequent questions


Alert: Check online vendors contacts


Do you know enough about an online trader?Many consumers lose their money because they buy goods in e-shops that fail to provide any contact details and sales conditions. However, this is the elementary sign of fraud or unfair vendors who either don’t send any goods at all or the goods is of poor quality. On today’s Safer Internet Day, the European Consumer Centre warns: e-shops without any existing contact address aren’t trustworthy.

What we know about British Airways strike


letadla-ilustracni-cekani012.jpgThe trade union Unite has announced that it intends to hold industrial action involving one of five British Airways cabin crew fleets on Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 January 2017. The carrier announced that they ensured that all of their customers, with bookings on those two days, will travel to their destinations. The company will published details about the contingency plans on its website, stating that only a minor number of flights will be merched to and from Heathrow.

What to beware of at Czech Christmas markets


Advent markets start this weekend in the Czech Republic. Lovely atmosphere at Czech Christmas fairsBefore travelling to Czech towns and cities, foreign consumers should read the following practical tips, advice and warnings relating to possible behaviour of some vendors. Beware of pickpockets in some cities and think about benefits of discounted goods.

How to pay safely for Christmas presents online


Mouse driven online shopping Some consumers are afraid of losing their money when shopping online abroad. The European Consumer Centre advises to pay with cards or via electronic payment systems because they provide a good level of protection for the consumer.