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  • We inform consumers about their rights in EU, Norway and Iceland
  • We help resolve problems with traders from other EU countries
  • All our services are free of charge
  • We don't help consumers in national complaints or claims
  • We don't solve problems with traders out of the ECC-Net states
Frequent questions


How to complain after bitter return from holidays


Cockroaches under your bed, mould in the bathroom, dirt in the kitchen, and in addition some smell from the back yard of the hotel where a see view was promised – who experienced this, must have grumbled. But that’s not enough. It is necessary to speak up and require remedy or at least a discount from the paid amount. After their return from holidays, some consumers ask how to file a complaint and what is the period for such action.

Centre helps more consumers every year


logo-10-years-maly.pngThe number of particular complaints in which the European Consumer Centre Czech Republic assisted consumers significantly increased. In 2015 it dealt with more than 600 cross-border disputes against vendors from other EU countries, Norway and Iceland. Consumers benefited from free-of-charge direct assistance or advice. The remaining part of 1,113 consumer contacts consisted of consumer queries concerning consumer rights in the internal market.

ECC: Seven tips how not to be cheated on vacation


Don't be too trusting to vendors on summer vacation.When on vacation many people lose attention and are less cautious as regards unfair conduct of sellers of goods or providers of services. The European Consumer Centre offers seven tips what to be aware of and how not to get cheated when travelling across Europe.

High cancellation fees in accommodation and travel services


If you cancel booked accomodation or travel package, you may be obliged to pay a cancellation fee.When searching for last minute offers, especially users of the internet should not rush into ordering a travel package or accommodation if they may wish to cancel it for any reason later. There is no right for withdrawal from the contract and especially services providers from other EU countries can claim high cancellation fees that can sometimes amount up to 100%.