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Is it safe to pay online? What is the guaranty period when shopping in e-shop seated in another EU country? How long is the cooling-off period when I want to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason and sanction? Who covers delivery costs in case of withdrawal or claim? Is it enough to send claimed goods by mail? What are my rights when shopping on auction websites?

ECC advices how to recognize Internet fraud

More and more people let themselves get attracted and pay thousands of EUR in advance for goods which they ordered via internet from abroad, but which they will never receive. They become victims of frauds or scams when willing to buy e.g. a car, notebook, mobile phone or a tractor for a very favourable price. The European Consumer Centre provides several pieces of advice how to easily check the particular trader from who a consumer wants to buy. It is not possible to eliminate the risk of fraud entirely, but it is possible to minimize it – with the help of cautious behaviour.